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We work on a contingency fee basis.
No fees unless we win.
We listen. We care. We get results.

auto accidents

Injury Lawyers in Edmonton

Peter S. Wong Law Office has been protecting and defending the rights of injured persons in and around Edmonton for over 30 years. For legal advice or representation regarding physical, cognitive, or psychological suffering or damages, you need the help of experienced injury lawyers. Edmonton residents can rely on Peter S. Wong Law Office to discuss injuries sustained from auto accidents, pedestrian injuries, slip and fall injuries, or wrongful death. Give us a call today!

Legal Guidance When You Need It Most

Injured and unsure where to turn? While not every case or claim requires a lawyer, discussing your personal case with experienced injury lawyers can ensure you take the proper next steps. Whether you were on public or private property or traveling in a vehicle, we will do our best to ensure that you are compensated for your unfortunate slip, fall or accident.

Proven Methodology and a Formidable Reputation

We have become remarkably proficient at gathering and retaining expert's reports to help prove our client’s cases. As a result, the majority of our client’s claims are resolved without having to go to trial saving you time, money, and added stress.

Convenient Hours

We’re here to help you! That’s why in addition to our office hours, weekend and evening appointments are available. You can arrange to come see us when it’s best for you so you don’t have to take time off from work, school or family obligations.

Hospital and Home Visits

Don’t worry if your medical condition as a result of your misfortune is such that you cannot travel. We will come to you, and begin the process of exploring your rights and compensations.

NO RECOVERY, NO FEE - Know Your Rights

We have established a policy of No recovery, No fee with respect to personal injuries for our clients.

Free Consultations with Injury Lawyers in Edmonton

Make an appointment for your free consultation with one of our injury lawyers in Edmonton so we can listen to your account of events, evaluate your case and explain the details!

Let us put our experience and knowledge of personal injury law or other practice areas to work for you!

Professional Affiliations

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